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INSTRUMENT CLUSTER Page 7 2006-10-02, ?AEA... D20DT, D27DT FUEL FILTER AND WATER SEPARATOR With Additional Water Separator DIESEL ENGINE Fuel filler Priming Pump Operating Conditions Priming 1. When closing the windows, be aware of safety condi- tions before operation. It will be re- If the driving wheels are slipping on the ABS system operates only when the tyres sumed when the engine is started... While pushing the release button 3. Installing nonstandard tires such as tires with greater Installing bumper guard or other guard bars that are be- width than prescribed can wear out the power delivery sys- ing sold in the market may cause problems in parking and tem or friction-damage related parts. Coolant surge tank 2. To remove it, cover 1. DEFOGGING AND DEFROSTING Inside of the Windshield Automatic Air Conditioner 1. Rain and Auto Light Sensor Wiper AUTO Position AUTO It controls the wiping speed by de- tecting the amount of rain drops. When driving down a long slope, use the engine brake The power steering function and the brake assist func- effect by downshifting the transmission in steps accord- tion will be deactivated. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS V Cautions While Driving Engine Brake 1. SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE 8—37 FUSE Fuse Change Pull out the blown fuse by using the fuse WARNING puller from the fuse box and insert with the The use of different types or differ- same ratings of fuse. SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE 8—5 Indirect Injection Engine Equipped Vehicle D29ST 1. In the event of a defect in ABS, the trac- tion control system TCS is shut off as well. Use only when needed. If the light stays ON, inspect your vehicle by curely fastened. This enables a much more secure and positive location with the added benefit of easier and qucker installation. Never use it for normal driving. Page 12 2006-10-03, ?AEA 2:32... INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS 3—47 FRONT CUP HOLDER REAR CUP HOLDER REAR CONSOLE BOX Use this for holding cups or beverage cans. AIR CLEANER Diesel Engine Cleaning Blow the compressed air through the element in the opposite direction to normal air flow to clean the element. SAE VISCOSITY CLASSES The SAE classes viscosity should be selected Engine in accordance with the average seasonal air The viscosity should be selected according to outside temperature. When Rolling the Luggage Cover Take the luggage cover out of the grooves by pulling the handle and let go the grasp slightly to roll the luggage cover. When traveling down steep grades, this function HDC? TAILGATE Tailgate Opening Lever Outside WARNING Exhaust gases are poisonous. Turn the ignition key to the position and Driving immediately after starting the engine may decrease the wait until the glow indicator goes out. If it drops to or below the MIN mark, refill the reservoir with the specified fluid. If you cannot do that by yourself, visit the nearest Ssangyong Dealer or Ssangyong Authorized Service Center. Do not excessively apply the brake pedal while going down a long hill.

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PARKING ON HILLS WHEN YOU ARE READY TO LEAVE AFTER PARKING ON A HILL You really should not park your vehicle, with a trailer attached, on a hill. Comprehensive diagrams, in depth illustrations, and all the manufacturers specifications and technical information you will need are included. Unscrew two screws from the rear cover. Place the jack directly under the jack-up points so that the Front jack up point top of the jack contacts the vehicle at the jack-up point. Make sure to check the vehicle at the nearest Ssangyong Dealer or Ssangyong Authorized Service Center. Rotate the dust cover counterclockwise cable. Have the system checked by a Ssangyong Dealer or Ssangyong Authorized Service Center. HEADLAMP TURN SIGNAL LAMP Front position lamp 1. To quickly remove the fog on the glass, set the fan speed switch at a high speed position. Remove the lamp housing by turning the connector. Left turn signal indicator 15. WHEN THE ENGINE IS OVERHEATING Engine overheat warning lamp Coolant tem- perature gauge When the engine overheats, steam or spray may come out Symptoms: the engine compartment.

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